Service Times

Sunday 4:00 pm

Sunday 5:00 pm
Studying through

The Gospel of Mark

Wednesday 7:00 pm
Growing in Christ

Saturday 7:30 pm
Support for Parents of
Special Needs Children


Rua Oito, Q.A, 24
Shangrila IV (Parque Dez)
Manaus, AM 69054-739


(92) 3308-6370
History of Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel is a Christian evangelical non-denomination church that began with 25 people in Costa Mesa California in 1965 by Pastor Chuck Smith. Pastor Chuck Smith was a key minister to the youth during the Jesus Movement of the 60's. He reached the youth of the counterculture, the hippies, drug users and those that rebelled against the old traditions and many accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ. God gave the growth and thousands gave their lives to Christ.

Today, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, the church which only had twenty-five members, has now established 1400+ affiliate Calvary Chapels across the world and is among the world's largest churches with 20,000+ calling it their home church. It is one of the ten largest Protestant churches in the United States.