Service Times

Sunday 4:00 pm

Sunday 5:00 pm
Studying through

The Gospel of Mark

Wednesday 7:00 pm
Growing in Christ

Saturday 7:30 pm
Support for Parents of
Special Needs Children


Rua Oito, Q.A, 24
Shangrila IV (Parque Dez)
Manaus, AM 69054-739


(92) 3308-6370
Vertical Connection

Hi, I'd like to invite you to come out to Vertical Connection.

Vertical Connection or Conexão Vertical  is a time that we have setup to help people with their English. Here in Manaus there are many English schools with almost one on every corner, but with nowhere for people to use or practice their English. At Vertical Connection we sing songs and have a time of discussion about a topic the whole time encouraging  everyone to try and use their English.

Why the name Vertical Connection.  To make friends on a horizontal plane is good, but to make a friend on the Vertical plane there is no comparison. Thus at Vertical Connection we talk about God and connecting people to the Vertical friendship with Him.

Come out and join us… It would be great to meet you.